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Climber Ammon McNeely Almost Loses Leg In BASE Jump Accident

Climber Ammon McNeely Almost Loses Leg In BASE Jump Accident

“所以我想知道: 當我們勇敢追夢時,我們是否願意挺身接納這些危險並瘋狂地享受她的熱情,還是我們願意害怕的待在角落躊躇不前”

在一次跳傘意外中,攀岩傳奇 Ammon Mcneely 幾乎失去他的右腿,但 Ammon 面對這次意外的精神實在令人讚賞。

Ammon Mcneely is best known for his incredible record of big wall climbing but he’s also a keen BASE jumper, and it seems that this constant risk taking has caught up with him. He was jumping in the Moab area of Utah (with Sketchy Andy of EpicTV fame) and delayed slightly too long when opening his parachute, and when he did get it open he swung 180 degrees back into the cliff he’d just jumped off. He slid down and stopped on a ledge. Luckily he was with some good climbers and they were able to reach him and get him down to the ground and in a safe spot for a helicopter evacuation.

It looks like Ammon may need to have his foot amputated but it seems that he might just get away with it, despite it apparently being held on with a sliver of skin. His quick thinking in applying a tourniquet will have helped but he still reckons he lost 3 pints of blood and infection will remain a risk for a while yet.

Ammon is a legend of US big walling, and it known as the “El Cap Pirate” due to his rough, piratical nature. He’s climbed El Capitan 75 times by 61 routes, including many speed records and first one day ascents. Specifics aside, he’s known as one of the toughest climbers out there, and his understated description of this latest accident will no doubt enhance this reputation.

“I’m just always pushing myself, ambling into that tiny realm in space where badass stops and dumbass begins.”

“So, the question is; Do we stand up and take the risks and have a blast enjoying your passion? Or, do we hide in the shadows, being afraid of what might happen if we are so bold to follow our dreams?”

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B.A.S.E. Jumping from a Sailboat Mast 船桅定點跳傘

B.A.S.E. Jumping from a Sailboat Mast 船桅定點跳傘


這次 Marco Waltenspiel 在高度僅有42公尺的船桅上進行定點跳傘,雖然這並非世界最高的定點跳傘紀錄,但卻是最有勇氣的跳傘之一。

Marco Waltenspiel performs a B.A.S.E. jump from a 40m high mast of a sail boat close to the St. Tropez harbour.

The world has seen some interesting BASE jumps — but this is one of the few in which ‘B’ could stand for ‘boat’. Austrian skydiver Marco Waltenspiel envisioned the idea this summer of jumping from the not-exactly-steady platform at the top of the mast of the St. Tropez-based sailing yacht.

At 42m, it’s not the absolute longest BASE jump ever, but unquestionably one of the most daring.

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Red Bull Stratos 紅牛同溫層計劃 完整版影片

Red Bull Stratos 完整版影片

Felix Baumgartner 從39公里的太空跳傘而下的完整影片,包含了 POV 第一人稱視野的鏡頭與高度計、數度計等資訊,彷彿讓觀眾身歷其境。

Watch Felix Baumgartner’s 128,000ft supersonic freefall from three different angles, including one from Felix’s point of view. The video also shows metrics such as his speed and altitude synchronized with the footage.

「紅牛同溫層計劃」(Red Bull Stratos)是一個從2010年時就開始籌備、由Red Bull贊助的超高空跳傘計劃,利用一由氦氣球懸吊的太空艙將保加拿載運至海拔超過12萬英尺(36,600公尺)、已經進入同溫層的超高空,直接穿著有加壓作用的太空裝進行跳傘。該計畫的目標是要打破1960年由美國空軍上校約瑟夫·基廷格(Joseph Kittinger)所創下、31,333公尺的人類最高跳傘高度,並在不靠飛行器輔助的自由落體狀態下突破音障。基廷格實際上也是該計劃的技術顧問,有關單位希望藉由此挑戰所獲得的結果,發展出最新一代的加壓太空裝。

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GoPro HERO3+ 精華影片

紀錄與分享你生命中最精華的時刻。 來自GoPro HERO3+ 的精華影片。

Capture and share your life’s most meaningful experiences. Highlights from GoPro HERO3+

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Red Bull Dolomitenmann 2013 Highlights


Red Bull第26屆 2013 Dolomitenmann 賽事,在奧地利 Lienz 舉行,參賽團隊在太陽酷熱的煎熬與折磨下,必須歷經路跑登山、高崖跳傘、怒水划艇及高山腳踏車等運動接力賽程,121個參賽隊伍,在5萬名興奮支持的粉絲面前,勇往邁進。
The Red Bull Dolomitenmann once again fully lived up to its reputation as the ‘toughest team event in the world’ in its 26th edition.

121 teams of four, each consisting of one mountain runner, one paraglider, a canoeist and a mountain biker, battled brutal climbs, raging rapids and incalculable winds.

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BASE Jump Circuit of the Americas Tower

Circuit of the Americas 賽車場塔台的第一次定點跳傘由 Red Bull Air Force 的跳傘好手達成了!!!

Circuit of the Americas 賽車場塔台的距地高約75公尺,開傘高度約65公尺,在此之後就是一路平整的降落地面。

2013年的MOTO GP美國站也將以跳傘為起跑燈號喔!!

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Urban Wingsuit Flying

Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer 在巴西里約的城市飛行衣跳傘

5:54am巴西里約 – 一個沒有官方核准的飛行衣跳傘,並穿過了兩棟大樓的空中走廊,再次證明了人類的勇氣。

Urban wingsuit flying into Rio de Janeiro – Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer

Ludovic and I doing a wingsuit flight into Rio de Janeiro. We did not have permission to fly into the city, but to respect the commercial air traffic we did the jump 05:45 in the morning. The first flights arrive at 06:05

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