January 2017

Rock Climbing 360 pictures

All the 360 pictures of rock climbing placese in Taiwan. Continuous update.


  • 龍洞攀岩場




Longdong are a series of hard, steep sandstone cliffs along the coastline. These rocks with clear cut joints stand erect and close to the ocean, vigorously pronouncing their presence.

Total nine areas had been defined by local climbers with distinctive features of each area.

  • 黃金古




  • 校門口




  • 音樂廳




  • 大禮堂




  • 第一洞




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2016 龍洞冬季大掃除 Long Dong Winter Clean Up

2016 龍洞冬季大掃除 Long Dong Winter Clean Up



A short timelapes when we load it to the truck. 🙂


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