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龍洞露營 日出 Longdong Sunrise Aug-01-2015

龍洞露營 日出 Longdong Sunrise Aug-01-2015


龍洞露營 日出縮時攝影


Timelapes sunrise at Longdong rock climbing

The second cave here at longdong is just a perfect spot for camping. The warm air breeze from the south, smoothly run through your fingers.

With the crystal moonlight, our dream long gone with the moonlight shadow.






龍洞地名的由來,取自灣岸弧形如蛟龍盤據,沿著一灣水岸,佈滿堅硬櫛比、嶙峋峭立的四稜砂岩,那節理鮮明的巨石臨海矗立,氣勢如虹。這裡有峰巒如聚 的龍洞岬,清澈的龍洞灣海域,更有整個東北角海岸風景區中出露最古老的岩石,還有雄偉的海崖峭壁,岩石質地堅硬,是著名的攀岩場域,也是一個地質、地形景 觀都極為特殊的地方。


龍洞岬是由厚層的砂岩所構成,龍洞灣則是由鬆軟的頁岩與砂頁岩,在海浪的侵蝕下快速後退所形成的海灣,在管理處的規劃下,龍洞地區可以龍洞隧道為 界,分成龍洞灣公園與龍洞南口海洋公園兩個遊憩區,分別以豐富多樣的地質景觀和水上遊憩活動,吸引著龍之傳人,遊客除了聽濤觀景、游泳、浮潛、生態觀察之 外,還可從事攀岩、健行等戶外休閒活動,發達的海蝕平臺,則是觀察綠藻、蜑螺、海參、蛇尾、寄居蟹、海兔等海濱生物以及珊瑚藻、海葵、藤壺各種藻類的大自 然教室。


坐落在龍洞岬崖上的西靈巖寺是東北角海岸沿線最著名的廟宇之一,這裡是觀海最佳的地點,無際的海洋、潮起潮落,盡在眼前。西靈巖始建於清咸豐三 年(1853),已有百年的歷史,寺中有一口百餘年的大鐘,正殿前有一副很別致的對聯,上聯七見、下聯七齊【見見見見見見見 齊齊齊齊齊齊齊】,需要你用 點慧根去開悟,據說對聯需用台語來唸,如果真是悟不出來,不妨去請教廟裡的住持。

Rogue waves are likely to take place during northeast monsoon months (October – March). To ensure your own safety, please do not carry out any leisure activity by the shores. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The origin of the name Longdong (dragon’s cave) comes from the shape of the region’s coastline, similar to the shape of a dragon lying down. Along the coastline are a series of hard, steep rising sandstone formations. These rocks with clear cut joints stand erect and close to the ocean, vigorously pronouncing their presence. Here, there is the life-like Longdong Cape, the clear Longdong Bay waters and the oldest exposed rock layers of the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area. Tourists will also find that the impressive sea cliffs are composed of extremely hard rock, thus providing a popular rock climbing zone. This is indeed an area of unique landform and geological views.

Under the management of the administrative center, the Longdong area can be divided by the Longdong Tunnel into two recreational areas, the Longdongwan Park and the Longdong South Ocean Park. They are distinguished by their rich and diverse geological views and recreational water activities, respectively. Both attract local tourists, the descendents of dragons. Besides listening to waves, admiring scenery, swimming, snorkeling, and eco-watching, tourists can also engage in outdoor sports such as rock climbing and hiking. Of course, the abundant erosion platforms here serve as a great natural classroom for observing shore critters and various types of algae.