June 2015

龍洞攀岩 不方便路線 縮時攝影 5.11a 2015 -June

龍洞攀岩 不方便路線 縮時攝影 5.11a 2015 -June


影片為 Elvin 離開台灣前的最後一次在龍洞攀岩!

The route is set next to bikini cave, crux can be avoided by climbing to the left.

Video shows Elvin’s last try before leaving Taiwan!

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The Bivy Rock Climbing Hostel in Taiwan

終於龍洞有一個專門為攀岩者準備的民宿了,The Bivy 小屋岩也推出了線上訂房的系統,以後訂房更為容易簡單了!!!


So Finally “The Bivy” the Climbers Hostel in Taiwan have it’s own website, with online booking system!!!

Don’t forget to check it out!

訂房網站: thebivylongdong.com

FB粉絲頁: thebivytaiwan







龍洞是台灣攀岩運動的大本營,也在近幾年來逐漸被視為亞洲的攀岩天堂。 獨特的砂岩沿著海濱,形成的是2公里雄偉的海崖峭壁。無論是初學者或攀岩高手, 大家都能從600多條的運動和傳攀路線中找到適合自己的路線自我挑戰 。




我們中英文雙通喔 ˜

The Bivy is a quaint rest stop, located approximately 2 kilometers away from Long Dong, an amazing rock climbing area North of Taipei, Taiwan.

Attracted by what the beautiful cliffs have to offer, the owners have been repeated visitors over the last few years. Inspired by the beauty of this place, its culture and the friendship they made over the few years, they finally decided to set their roots here in Taiwan. After a long search, they finally find a raw gem, unpolished and waiting to shine.

The Bivy is the result of months of sweat and blood. The owners finally created a home away from home, and would like to extend their welcome to all of you. We are the first hostel in the area aimed at providing climbers with a nice and clean environment to stay in. The staff and owners of The Bivy are avid climbers and they speak English and Mandarin.

A great place to hangout for beer, get some last minute climbing supplies or a bed to sleep in. The Bivy also offer guiding services, certified climbing courses and gear rentals.

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