January 2015

20150124 First Ascent Kaohsiung Climbing

20150124_FA_First_Ascent_KS (1)

20150124_FA_First_Ascent_KS (2)

日期 : 2015/01/24

路線名稱 : 心悸

首攀 : 郭峻銘

難度 : 5.10d 11m

Note: 小心落石

拍照 : 楊珮欣

Date : 24th-Jan-2015

Route : Palpitations

First Ascent : 郭峻銘

Grade : 5.10d 11m

Note : Watch out loose rocks.

Photo Credit: 楊珮欣

First Ascent Kaohsiung Climbing


20150124_FA_First_Ascent_KS (3)

20150124_FA_First_Ascent_KS (4)

20150124_FA_First_Ascent_KS (5)


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One Way Ticket Rock Climbing Taiwan

Maurice and Tiger on 502-One Way Ticket (剃刀邊緣) 5.10c



A wild ride. Traverse out a crack just after the roof.


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Another bouldering day at stone, or I should say first boudlering day in 2015!

Rock on!!!

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From Above – Astronaut Photography with Don Pettit

The people who explore bring back images, and bring back stories of what these frontiers are like. I feel obligation to share this experience. So everybody else could at least participate through the eyes of people who do go into the frontiers. – Astronaut Photography with Don Pettit

那些冒險家們帶回他們的照片、帶回他們的記憶、帶回他們對未知領域的故事。我覺得我有義務分享我的經驗。所以其他人能夠參與我們的冒險。- 太空攝影師 Don Pettit


You’ve never seen space like this. This short film gives an inside look at how NASA Astronaut Don Pettit captures breathtaking images of Earth’s most famous phenomena – aurora, star trails, city lights, and more – from the inside the International Space Station. Read our interview with Don on our blog: http://smu.gs/1sgPwbz. See his photos up close: http://smu.gs/1uionEV.

Produced by SmugMug
Cinematography by Anton Lorimer

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