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2014 龍洞秋季大掃除 Long Dong Fall Clean Up

2014-11-22-LD CleanUP (1)

2014-11-22-LD CleanUP (2)



感謝近50位岩友鼎力支持, 和老天爺賞臉, 全數100個垃圾袋全部用完, 還有岩友一路殺到第二洞和黃金谷. 大家的成果是有目共睹, 謝謝各位的付出, 讓我們有一個更好的環境來享受攀岩的樂趣.


Very appreciative to nearly 50 people showing up to support the cause and the great weather today. All 100 bags are used up and some people even went all the way to 2nd Cave and Golden Valley. The result is visible and I am thankful for everyone’s effort so we could all have a better place to enjoy climbing.