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Kaohsiung Rock Climbing 高雄攀岩

2014.09.08.KS.Climbing (5)

Climbing community here at Kaohsiung







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Climbing here can be more determent than you think.

Kaohsiung is such an amazing city in Taiwan. Port city with relax atmosphere and nice people.

Walking from the MRT to the climbing area at Shoushan is a wonderful experience, too. You walk pass an elementary school with children playing baseball with laugh and Wude Martial Arts Center where the Japanese’s police practice their martial arts with respect. All of this will make your climbing day more determined than you would expect.

When you finished the climb you can also take the ferry to Qijin Island to enjoy the best sunset in Kaohsiung city, or lost yourself in The Pier-2 Art Center where modern artiest meets the tradition. No matter where you go, at Shoushan you can find the best local climbers with the most hospitality welcome you can find in Kaohsiung!!!

Kaohsiung , we will be back!!!

This time to experiment all the picture with HDR effect. Hope you all like it!

2014.09.07.KS.Climbing (2)

Cant miss our moriteam helmet.

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