March 2014

Morning LongDong 早安龍洞日出

Morning LongDong 早安龍洞

2014.03.25.LD.sunrise (1)

2014.03.25.LD.sunrise (2)

Chet等了又等希望能夠好好的照一張龍洞日出,讓太陽的光束照亮音樂廳。 但很可惜的這次雲太多了,看來又必須再安排一天了… So Chet been waiting and waiting to get a perfect shot of Longdong Sunrise. To wait the rays shine the Music Hall. But not this time, too cloudy. Need to come back again…

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2013 Taiwan Rock Climbing Video Highlight

2013 Taiwan Rock Climbing 台灣2013攀岩紀錄


Original Video from Ford EcoSport Project. Remove any Ads from Ford.


Taiwan is an island in the East China Sea 110 miles off the coast of Mainland China and astride the Tropic of Cancer. The island is roughly one-third the size of Tennessee, with a population of 23 million people. The primary language is Mandarin Chinese, with Taiwanese and Hakkanese dialects also used.

Unlike most Pacific islands which are volcanic, Taiwan is tectonic in origin, and its central mountain range is loaded with wilderness peaks up to 13,000 feet. The highest peak, Yushan, is 3,952m and features an impressive-looking north face with various alpine challenges.

Rock climbing areas in Taiwan including Guanzhiling (limestone sport climbing in Chiayi County), bouldering in and around Taroko Gorge National Park (on the east coast), Dapaoyan (good volcanic cragging on small cliffs at Yangmingshan, a mountain park on the north side of Taipei city), and riverbed bouldering areas in the mountains of Hsinchu and Miaoli counties. The centerpiece of Taiwan rock climbing, however, is Long Dong (“dragon’s cave” in Chinese), with over a mile of wave-battered, sun-baked sea cliffs of very compact Silin sandstone on the beautifully rugged northeast coast of the island.

For more information – gym locations, outdoor walls, other crags, gear shops, etc. – checkout this website:
Taiwan Rocks


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Jason on Sky Ladder 倒走天梯

Jason on Sky Ladder 倒走天梯

Sky Ladder 倒走天梯 (5.10b)

Jason 攀爬倒走天梯,加上一個驚險的墜落。

Jason working hard on Sky Ladder with a scary fall.

“倒走天梯 – 同級路線攀登數一數二的經典代表, 需要連續攀登數個天花板. ” 台灣龍洞攀岩路線書

“Sky Ladder – One of the best at the grade. Sustained climbing with several roofs” – Rock Ckimbing Taiwan Guide Book.

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Taiwan Rock Climbing Longdong – Longlane

Taiwan Rock Climbing Longdong – Longlane – 龍洞長巷攀岩

20140317 Longdong Rock climbing (4)

這次是Andrew, Daria 與 Lukas在台灣的第一次戶外攀岩。這也是Daria與Lukas的第一次戶外攀岩體驗。這次大家表現的都相當好,完成了一些5.10的路線,但是很可惜的因為Chet忙著確保這次的照片並不多。

It’s Andrew, Daria, Lukas’s first rock climbing experience in Taiwan. It’s even Daria and Lukas’s first outdoor experience. The all did pretty well. Finish some 5.10 on top rope. Too bad there aren’t too many pictures to share this time because Chet is busy belaying them.

20140317 Longdong Rock climbing (1)





In contrast to the spectacular open air scenery for which Long Dong is famous, the interior of Long Lane is somewhat claustrophobic, with climbers and routes clustered together in a confined space.

There is, however, good climbing, and lots of it, with large selection of high quality bolted 5.10 and 5.11 climbs. In addition, it is cool and shady on hot summer mornings. Most of the routes were rebolted in 2005 by Sean Wang.

– From Rock Climbing Taiwan Guide Book.

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Deep Beer Soloing #10 深度啤酒攀登

Deep Beer Soloing #10

每月舉辦的 Deep Beer Soloing (DBS) 是台灣攀岩者的聚會活動,這場活動並非只有喝酒聊天而已,在 DBS 中我們鼓勵新攀岩朋友們互相認識、學習、甚至扶持同伴。

DBS 是一個台灣所有攀岩者可以享受美食、分享經驗、規劃未來的聚會活動。

如果你要一起去啤酒屋, 19:30和我在芝山站1號出口見. 如果你要分開來…20:00在啤酒屋迎接你!

At the monthly Deep Beer Soloing, rock climbers will come together for one night to utter more than a just few words to each other. Come to Beer Station and enjoy food (and of course beer) amongst like-minded people, make future climbing plans, meet new friends and help strengthen the Taipei climbing community. If you’re new to the sport, or have never tried it before but are interested; you’re more than welcome to come along to learn about climbing and make valuable connections.

Beer Station is located at 103 ZhongCheng Road, Section 1, Tien Mu (Shilin Dist.). I (Chris) will be at Zhishan Station Exit 1 at 7:30 PM to meet anyone that wants to make the 5-10 minute walk over there together. I will also post a map here in the event for the people wanting to come separately but it’s not hard to find, just look for the brightly lit place with a big Native American gentleman on the outside.

Also free beer if you got your face measured.

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We Need Your Vote Ecosport

福特EcoSport 48小時試駕考驗 影片+照片
Ecosport Vote.with Text

這次末日極限參與“福特EcoSport 48小時試駕考驗” 的任務已經完成了喔~!

快招集你的親朋好友分享這次的試駕影片與照片,如果大家不吝嗇的話也請在 “最佳闖精神” 獎的地方投我一票! 🙂


For the Ford Ecosport Competition, we need your Vote!


Click me to Vote

更多 Ford Ecosport

More Ford Ecosport

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Kaohsiung Rock Climbing 高雄攀岩

Kaohsiung Rock Climbing 高雄攀岩

來自Jason 228和平紀念日於高雄攀岩的精彩照片!

kaohsiung rock climbing (1)

kaohsiung rock climbing (2)

All the amazing picutres from Jason’s adventure at Kaohsiung during 228 weekend.

Shaun, Hugo Aiken, Lou Cappadona, Julien Manchuelle, and myself went through three action packed days of climbing up sharp limestone walls of KS, doing our first night climbing, camping in the jungle, and fighting monkeys, and finding a mountain dojo to test ourselves. These are some of the photos of our trip

Mucho thanks to all the others that helped make this trip the “epic” that it was Daisy Hsu, James Dunnet, Assis Hou, Travis Keller, Kevin Ives and all the other KS climbing fam bam.

Much love Shaun, hope you continue to crush back in Vietnam and I will be sure to see ya soon.

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STONE Bouldering Day

STONE Bouldering Day

It’s kinda funny to see how relax Emily is. 😛

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試駕影片 : 《ECOSPORT x 48小時試駕考驗》 – 爬, 再次開始探索

試駕影片 : 《ECOSPORT x 48小時試駕考驗》 – 爬, 再次開始探索


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STONE Bouldering Day

STONE Bouldering Day
Fiona Stone 2014-March

另一個STONE報石日,Fiona 回來了喔!

Another day at STONE and Fiona she is back!

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