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末日極限祝您 “新年快樂, 馬年奔驣”

農曆新年快樂, 希望今年對你來說是開心與快樂的一年。

去年是 “末日極限” 網站上線的第一年,也是我們開始記錄生活與分享熱情的一年。雖然這年時好時壞但是這也是 “末日極限” 存在的原因 “比鋼鐵還堅硬的友誼;汗水鍛造出來的信念”。
去年“Ford ECOSPORT勇闖我的新世代”比賽計畫將延續到今年,但對我們來說能夠與你們分享我們入圍準決賽的喜悅已經很足夠。今年我們將會有一個全新設計的網站、我們會持續探索與分享我們的故事。所以請記得隨時關注我們的動態喔!



Dear Friends,
Happy Chinese New Year, I wish you a new year filled with joy and happiness.

Last year it’s moriteam’s first year to go online, to start documentary everything and to share our passion. Though there are few up and downs but we did what moriteam mean to us “Bond tougher than steel, Forged by sweat and determination.”

We have “Ford ECOSPORT” project carry on from last year, though the competition still on progress and we are in the semi-final, but it’s already been a pleasure sharing our passion with you. This year we will introduce a New Theme for our website, we will keep on Exploring, and we will share more of our stories with you. So stay tuned!

Again I appreciate all of you to make moriteam an icon of passionate extreme sports athletics in Taiwan.

Have a good and adventures year ahead!