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《ECOSPORT x 勇闖我的新世代》 爬, 再次開始探索

《ECOSPORT x 勇闖我的新世代》 爬, 再次開始探索

這是一個關於台灣福特 “勇闖我的新世代” 的比賽影片。



This is my project for Ford’s competition in Taiwan.
Each one of us submits their dreams and the winner will get sponsored by Ford for A Million NTD.
They gave me this info while I was making my 2013 climbing highlights. So why not merge my project with this comp?
My plan is to bring friends to experience climbing and enlighten them to explore and discover, like when we were babies. Cause climbing and crawling is our first way to explore the unknown.
So no matter if you are a climber or want to learn climbing. You all welcome to watch the video and share it.

Thanks to all of loving friends to make this video possible!!!

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  1. 2014/01/20

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