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Climber Ammon McNeely Almost Loses Leg In BASE Jump Accident

Climber Ammon McNeely Almost Loses Leg In BASE Jump Accident

“所以我想知道: 當我們勇敢追夢時,我們是否願意挺身接納這些危險並瘋狂地享受她的熱情,還是我們願意害怕的待在角落躊躇不前”

在一次跳傘意外中,攀岩傳奇 Ammon Mcneely 幾乎失去他的右腿,但 Ammon 面對這次意外的精神實在令人讚賞。

Ammon Mcneely is best known for his incredible record of big wall climbing but he’s also a keen BASE jumper, and it seems that this constant risk taking has caught up with him. He was jumping in the Moab area of Utah (with Sketchy Andy of EpicTV fame) and delayed slightly too long when opening his parachute, and when he did get it open he swung 180 degrees back into the cliff he’d just jumped off. He slid down and stopped on a ledge. Luckily he was with some good climbers and they were able to reach him and get him down to the ground and in a safe spot for a helicopter evacuation.

It looks like Ammon may need to have his foot amputated but it seems that he might just get away with it, despite it apparently being held on with a sliver of skin. His quick thinking in applying a tourniquet will have helped but he still reckons he lost 3 pints of blood and infection will remain a risk for a while yet.

Ammon is a legend of US big walling, and it known as the “El Cap Pirate” due to his rough, piratical nature. He’s climbed El Capitan 75 times by 61 routes, including many speed records and first one day ascents. Specifics aside, he’s known as one of the toughest climbers out there, and his understated description of this latest accident will no doubt enhance this reputation.

“I’m just always pushing myself, ambling into that tiny realm in space where badass stops and dumbass begins.”

“So, the question is; Do we stand up and take the risks and have a blast enjoying your passion? Or, do we hide in the shadows, being afraid of what might happen if we are so bold to follow our dreams?”