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Journey to Squaw Taiwan 環山部落

Journey to Squaw Taiwan 環山部落

Journey to Squaw Taiwan (1)

Journey to Squaw Taiwan (2)

上週 Jay 跟我們分享了他去環山部落的照片,很開心的這台PGO居然還能與他一同上山下海! 🙂

我們也在 Vimeo 上找到了這部有關環山部落的一些介紹影片,值得一看喔~!

So last weekend Jay shared his photo with us from his Journey to Squaw Taiwan. Glad to know his PGO scooter still can take all the hard work and abuse. 🙂

We also found this “Love Sqoyaw Promo Debut” video on Vimeo about this special place. Worth a LOOK of course!

Love Sqoyaw Promo Debut from sQoyaw Film on Vimeo.

It’s about the indigenous young people who live in Taiwan, eager to back home to fulfill the whole life dreams come true.

written and directed by Sayun Simung
Music from 「Inside your head」 by Eberg
Special Thanks
Karo Sifu

Love Sqoyaw promo 2 from sQoyaw Film on Vimeo.

Directed and Photography : Sayun Simung

Music From : Skylar Grey – Coming Home

黃澤浩 梁元梅
黃家祥 宋雅齡
宋哲恩 陳思韻

Special Thanks : 黃士傑 / Karo Sifu