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Red Bull Air Race Returns in 2014 特技飛行

Red Bull Air Race World Championship 紅牛特技飛行世界錦標賽

紅牛特技飛行世界錦標賽將於2014從返賽場,2014年紅牛特技飛行世界錦標賽將一共舉版九場比賽,地點橫跨三大洲,其中兩場比賽將在美國 Texas Motor Speedway 舉行。

紅牛特技飛行世界錦標賽始於2003年,是一項國際性的空中競技賽事,競賽者需要在一個富有挑戰性的障礙物場地中以最短的時間內通過以完成比賽。飛行員獨立飛行,穿越塔橋所搭建而成的門狀障礙。 比賽主要在水邊城市舉行,但有時也會選址在飛行場地或自然奇觀。每個賽場的前九名可以拿到賽點,所以所有比賽結束後獲得賽點最多的人獲得紅牛特技飛行世界冠軍。

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship will be back in the skies beginning in February 2014 with a seven-race World Championship staged in six countries on three continents. Of the seven races, two will take place in the U.S. – Dallas/Fort Worth at Texas Motor Speedway on September 6-7 and Las Vegas at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on October 11-12. To celebrate the return, American Pilot Kirby Chambliss “Broke in” Las Vegas Motor Speedway with an inaugural flight around the track.

The world’s fastest motorsport will be back with three former World Champions in the 12-pilot field after taking a three-year break to improve safety and reorganize. Created in 2003, Red Bull Air Race has been watched by millions of fans at 50 races, with the competitors racing in high-performance airplanes between 50 and 80 feet above the ground and navigating a challenging obstacle course of Air Gate pylons at speeds of up to 230 mph.