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Night Running in Ladakh, India – Training for the Swiss Irontrail

“La Ultra – The High – 高度” 是一場在印度且僅有一段222公里長的高地馬拉松(高海拔馬拉松),今年為第四年舉辦。

“La Ultra – The High – 高度”今年有七位參賽者參賽,還外加一個與 Rebecca 同行20公里的當地小狗。


“La Ultra – The High” is a 222km single stage race that has two passes which takes runners to nearly 6,000 meters. This is the fourth year the event has been held.

There were seven participants in the 222km race and one participant in the 111km event. Rebecca was one of three women to compete. The local dog (featured in the video) tagged along with Rebecca for over 20km.

Will Lascelles – Cinematographer, Director & Producer
Rebecca Byerly – Runner, Narrator & Producer