August 2013

Wooden Car Race – Red Bull Formulaz 2013 Turkey

土耳其的 RIZE 城市在今年初舉辦了紅牛原木車大賽( Red Bull Formulaz ),與肥皂車大賽一樣,比賽中當然有不少意外與歡樂鏡頭。

The locals of Rize Turkey came out to cheer on fellow participants of the 2013 Red Bull Formulaz earlier this month.

Individuals hand crafted wooden cars to race down a wet track for the glory of being crowned king of Red Bull Formulaz.

紅牛 肥皂車

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Urban Skating, Riding – Spain O’Marisquiño 2013

來自西班牙最棒的年度運動盛事 O’Marisquiño 2013 影片,快來享受這美麗的周末、食物與運動。

O’Marisquiño is back with the best selection of urban sports disciplines: street and flatland BMX, skate, dirt and downhill MTB, b-boying, FMX and much more.

The best Spanish and international riders, including Daniel Dhers, Sergio Layos, Daniel Peñafiel ‘Naran’, Nicholi Rogatkin, Dany León or Jedd Mildon, visit Vigo during a weekend to enjoy the food, party and the environment of this unique event.

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ADAM ONDRA 又再次回到了了挪威,挑戰他2012年十月創立的 5.15c。

It was our 4th long trip to far Norway during the last year. Adam chose one 55m long one, all the time in the overhang, big part of it in the 100% roof, including the crux. It seemed to be as hard as Change, the world´s first 9b+, which he established here in October 2012.

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moriteam sticker on helmet

moriteam climbing helmet 2013.08.23.

From Chet!

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Fott – Moto and the city

Fott – Moto and the city from FOTT on Vimeo.

Fott 告訴我們比早餐更好的事是什麼!

Better than breakfast.

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Long Dong Climbing – School Gate

Long Dong Climbing - School Gate (1)

Chris climbing at 538-Warm-Up Route 熱身路線 (5.10c) with Wells, Aug-18-2013

Long Dong Climbing - School Gate (2)

Wells climbing at 542-Stepovet 阿彌陀佛(5.10b), Aug-18-2013

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Long Dong Deep Water Soloing


龍洞深水攀登 516-蔚藍的誘惑(5.8)

Another Climbing and Diving with beautiful people.

Long Dong Rock Climbing 516-Crystal Blue Temptation(5.8)

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JetSurf 動力衝浪板


A motorized surfboard, with all the power and lots of fun!

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Aaron Gwin MTB in California


來自 Redbull 的 Downhill MTB 影片, Aaron Gwin 由 Idyllwild 一縱而下,一個美麗的視覺體驗。

You may have seen UCI Downhill champ Aaron Gwin tear up an event course, but this is another story.

What happens when you take Red Bull mountain bike athlete Aaron Gwin, put him on a Specialized Demo 8 Carbon and film him on an amazing trail in Idyllwild, California?

You get this ridiculous edit, which should be all you need for motivation to blast down a white-knuckle descent of your own. Enjoy the ride…

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蘭嶼抱石 Bouldering Orchid Island(Lanyu)

蘭嶼抱石 Bouldering Orchid Island(Lanyu)

Rock Climbing at Orchid Island Island

Rock Climbing at Orchid Island Island-2





– 蘭嶼

First bouldering experience at Orchid Island(lanyu), steep cliff, blue coral reef and warm sunset… A definitely coming back.

Orchid Island is a 45 km² volcanic island off the southeastern coast of Taiwan Island and separated from the Batanes of the Philippines by the Bashi Channel of the Luzon Strait. It is governed as Lanyu Township of Taitung County. Travel can be done by flight and by sea.

– at Orchid Island(Lanyu)

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