June 2013

LEGO – Red Can Skate 樂高 -紅磚滑板


紅磚只是一個樂高磚塊, 但有了成為滑板高手的夢想後, 他什麼都能達成!

夢想也許不難, 只在你有沒有夢去實現!

Meet Red!

He’s just one LEGO® brick, but with a little imagination, he can be anything!

Watch what happens when Red learns to shred– just like a real skateboard!

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Lava RUN!!


A “lava art craft worker” runs through a streaming lava flow on Mount Etna. Not recommended for imitation! The worker was very experienced and knew what he was doing.

copyright Marc Szeglat, vvvw.vulkane.net

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We count down the most dangerous race tracks in the world.

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LongDong Rock Climbing Sky Ladder

“倒走天梯 – 同級路線攀登數一數二的經典代表, 需要連續攀登數個天花板. ” 台灣龍洞攀岩路線書

“Sky Ladder – One of the best at the grade. Sustained climbing with several roofs” – Rock Ckimbing Taiwan Guide Book.

Performed by Alex and Sophie

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Fear Drives us Forward



Sophia 一個遠的墜落, 龍洞2013.

Sophia having a huge swing at Back door Long Dong 2013.


Free Solo 龍洞”蔚然的誘惑”後, Chet跳進蔚藍的海中! June-15-2013.

Chet jumps into water after free solo at Crystal Blue Temptation at Long Dong June-15-2013.

沒有恐懼就不會有勇氣, 也是因為這份探索未知領域的動力, 讓我們進步!

There is no courage without fear, and it’s this will to experience unknown , that dives us forward.

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熱海攀岩 軍艦岩攀岩

無法相信, 每當我們把Gopro拿出來想拍些漂亮的攀岩照片時就會開始下雨. 熱海攀岩 軍艦岩 攀岩

Can’t believe every time we had our Gopro out for some climbing shot and it starts to rain. Taiwan Taipei Atami Rock climbing

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Struggled? HeHe 熱海攀岩


有時候當我們的攀岩夥伴努力向上時,總少不了確保者的邪惡微笑。 台灣 台北 北投 熱海攀岩

Sometimes we laugh when our climbing mate is Struggling. Taiwan Taipei Climbing Leihai

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Adidas Outdoor: Shauna Coxsey

British Champion Shauna Coxsey 是Adidas在Youtube上發表的全新系列的抱石影片。在本期的影片中英國冠軍Shauna Coxsey將親自介紹一些基本動作給大家認識。

Adidas Outdoor: Shauna Coxsey is a brand new series of films post on Adidas Youtube. Further few climbing technique performed by British Champion Shauna Coxsey.

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Long Dong Rock Climbing with Eagle

Leading with Eagle

Leading with Eagle-2

龍洞就是這麼美,可以與老鷹一同攀岩! teamwork 路線.

This is how beautiful Rock Climbing at Long Dong in Taiwan can be. Leading with the Eagle at Teamwork route.

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Alien Head Helmet

Helmet Alien Head


No one wonder Aliens looks like dirt biker wearing a helmet?

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