May 2013

陽光, 潛水, 攀岩 = 龍洞

climbing and diving at LD

Chet終於有了一張, 陽光, 潛水, 攀岩都在一起的照片
Finally, Chet had a picture with The Sun, Diving, and Rocks at Longdong.

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Relentless Energy Drink Here to be Heard

為了成功而存在( Here to be Heard ) 是2013 Relentless Energy Drink  能量飲料 的系列廣告, 我們將隨者音樂與 Relentless Energy Drink 的陪伴從苦惱中尋找靈感,創作成功的樂曲。

Here to be Heard is the brand new Relentless Energy Drink TV advert, directed by Ross Cairns. It follows 2013 Relentless Artists Professor Green, Zane Lowe and Pure Love on a no half measures musical journey, from creative inspiration to exhilarating public performance.

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Quadrift Just Wont Stop

一個遇雨後的下午, 我們決定帶 CECTEK Quadrift 出去繞一圈.
Just after a shower we decide to take the CECTEK Quadrift out and have some fun. And it Just Wont Stop.

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Burn It Out

CECTEK burnout

燒胎, 燒燒燒!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Burn It Out!! Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn

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Expedition South from Alex 機車旅程

500天,132,762公里, 22個國家, 1台機車, 1個騎士。


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X Games Detroit Bid 底特律票選

2014 Summer X games 夏日極限運動是否要在底特律舉辦? 由X Games底特律團隊告訴您要在底特律舉辦的理由喔~!!

The X Games Detroit bid team created this video as part of their campaign to bring the ESPN X Games to Detroit. Detroit is where the X Games belong.

Cinematography, Editorial, & Post: The Work Inc (
Composer: David Payne (

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To the left, to the right?

龍洞路線 310. 秘密開關, 一個雙懸岩天花板, 就是不知道怎麼上去。

The big over hang at route 310. Secret Switch at longdong. Just cant decide where to go.

-with Sophie, Sophia

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Climbing around the Ridge

Chet climbing at LD

Chet 在龍洞 Tearwork 路線。

Chet climbing around the ridge at Longdong(teamwork route)

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Longdong Climbing in the Rain


Even It’s raining, we climb at Longdong

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Parkour in Baku City – Ryan Doyle 2013



來自英國的自由跑酷選手 After Ryan 來自亞塞拜然(Azerbaijan)首都巴庫(Baku)的跑酷短片。

After Ryan Doyle, the 28-year-old freerunner and parkour athlete from Britain traveled across the globe in a quest to discover his own seven wonders of the world, he chose Baku, Azerbaijan as a place where he could make a totally different – spiritual journey and expand his freerunning horizons in a completely different way.

Baku is known as City of Contrasts. Ryan decided to use that and create together with the production crew a special unique video, which would be a contrast to all other parkour videos – something quite surreal with different feel and different look – full of life philosophy and access to his private area and even his dreams.

Haydar Aliev Cultural Centre, designed by Zaha Hadid – the major new venue and landmark building for Baku, Shirvanshahs’ Palace in the Inner city of Baku, oil fields, Opera and Ballet Theatre, Public Library, towers of Philharmonic Hall, rooftops of old Baku were those remarkable buildings and places Ryan was “dancing” with during his inner and outer journey in Baku.

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