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BASE Jump Circuit of the Americas Tower

Circuit of the Americas 賽車場塔台的第一次定點跳傘由 Red Bull Air Force 的跳傘好手達成了!!!

Circuit of the Americas 賽車場塔台的距地高約75公尺,開傘高度約65公尺,在此之後就是一路平整的降落地面。

2013年的MOTO GP美國站也將以跳傘為起跑燈號喔!!

The first-ever B.A.S.E. jump off iconic Circuit of the Americas tower kicked off Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas Race. The jumpers – Miles Daisher and Jeff Provenzano, leapt off the 251 foot structure with a static line that pulled their chutes about 60 feet into their descent.

From there they floated down, landing safely on the grass below.

The B.A.S.E. jumps signaled the official start to MotoGP weekend.