March 2013

2012 墾丁越野極限大會師

2012 墾丁極限大會師

2012 墾丁越野極限大會師


2012 2012 Kenting Motocross ATV eXtreme.

Sometimes neverland just lay beyond the mist of dust. Waiting for us to discover.

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紅牛 2013 – 街道滑板賽

紅牛203 – 街道滑板賽預告影片


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Hardcore Route


路線有時候很難,但是放棄絕對不是我們的選項。(Chet 在STONE抱石館)

Route is hard sometimes, but give up is not an option. (Chet’s bouldering day at STONE)

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Ready for a Weekend Ride?

Jay Lee March weekend track day


周末要到了? 你們準備好來飆一場了嗎? 因為我們準備好了。

It’s weekend, are you ready for a track day? Cause we are.

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Ice Parkour – Ronnie Shalvis

Ronnie Shalvis 於冬季雪地中測試跑酷運動的極限影片。

Ronnie Shalvis tests his parkour skills in a different climate during a freerun through the ice and snow at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City.

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2013 Vail Winter Mountain Games Highlights

2013年冬季山地運動會精華影片,本次比賽項目有攀冰、山地滑雪、雪鞋徒步和雪上山地單車。而世界上歷史最久的單板滑雪賽事美國伯頓公開賽(Burton U.S. Open)也將從佛蒙特搬到維爾舉辦。

Highlights from the 2013 Winter Mountain Games presented by Eddie Bauer in Vail, Colorado.

The Mountain Games are a project of the Vail Valley Foundation. Complete event details can be found at

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CECTEK Kingcobra Spring Run

夏天將至,我們決定開CECTEK KINGCOBRA沙灘車去海邊繞一繞。

Summer is close, we decide to take CECTEK KINGCOBRA ATV out for a ride.

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龍潭賽車場 TIS Track Day

SONY DSC台灣龍潭賽車場 TIS 一個下午的練習。

Simple Track Day at Taiwan International Speedway with burning rubber. From Jay Lee

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ClimbX – Kinder Climbing Shoes

ClimbX Kinder

ClimbX – Kinder 攀岩鞋, 一個配色鮮豔且造型簡潔的兒童用攀岩鞋

ClimbX – Kinder climbing shoes. A colorful and clean design shoes for rocks.

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Taiwan Bouldering Diary



A perfect boudlering day should ends with teammatess thumbs-up!!

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